Sarah Palin Just Punched Amy Schumer Right In The Nose At Baskin Robbins (IMAGES)

Liberal lunatic and Clinton crybaby Amy Schumer decided she was going to start a fight she couldn’t finish when she ran into Sarah Palin out Christmas shopping with friends at the Mall of America. Palin, who was visiting the area on personal business and Schumer, who was shooting a commercial for Planned Parenthood, came face to face while waiting in line at Baskin Robbins.

Schumer reportedly said something rude to Palin, who tried to mind her own business. The younger Schumer took that as a sign of weakness and approached Governor Palin, who very politely told her to go away before she was forced to show her how they deal with unruly thugs in Alaska. Two police officers hired by the mall to provide extra security for the Christmas season were then seen pulling the two women apart after Schumer grabbed Governor Palin by the hair, getting herself punched in the nose for her trouble.

Neither women were cited or arrested and Governor Palin was quickly escorted from the premises. Schumer was left with a bloody nose and tears in her eyes but hasn’t filed any charges.

The incident was over in under a minute but one woman did manage to snap a cell-phone picture:


Governor Palin, who was wearing a headscarf so she wouldn’t be recognized and harrassed, has decided to forget the incident occured, making no mention of it on social media and declining requests for comment.

Because that’s how a classy woman acts. Maybe Amy Schumer could take some notes.

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