WOW! Wikileaks DNCLeaks2 Reveals Nasty Email From Clinton To Monica Lewinski

Inside the bulk dump of more than 8200 emails from the DNC, Wikileaks made good on its promise to destroy Hillary Clinton’s life and career. It seems that hidden inside those documents is an email Clinton sent to her husband’s presidential intern affair, Monica Lewinski, warning her to stay away from the campaign and out of their lives in 2008.

The nasty email was secured by the DNC and slated to be destroyed, but Julian Assange managed to once again work his magic, resurrecting it for all to see. In the email that contained the verbiage of the original, then campaign manager Patti Solis-Doyle told former¬†DNC head, Howard Dean, that “The Senator’s remarks are both cruel and profane. She might deserve it, but if the American voting public ever sees it…game over.”

Here is the text of the recovered email, marked Wikileaks document number 1374082, edited for profanity:

“You listen to me, you little b*tch. My husband used you and tossed you aside. You are nothing to him. You were never anything other than a quickie between meals. Our relationship will go down in history while all you’ll ever do is go down. Stay away from me, my husband and my campaign or so help me you’ll regret it for the rest of your miserable life.”

The email wasn’t marked with any identification, which is probably so nobody could authenticate it. Unfortunately for Clinton, Her own campaign and the DNC ruined her little ruse. The Boston Globe’s Howie Carr, first to pick up on the story, wasn’t able to reach Lewinski for comment, but had this to say about Clinton:

“I met her once on a turkey farm before Thanksgiving. The joy in that woman’s eyes when they chopped the head off of her bird is something I’ll never forget.”

Howard Dean and Solis-Doyle were also unavailable for comment.


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