WOW! Hillary Clinton Slips Up And ADMITS That Huma Abedin Was Raised By Terrorists

Hillary Clinton took a few minutes out of her campaign schedule Thursday to see a local stylist to have her roots done. After a wash and some colorant application, the stylist reportedly ordered tuna fish sandwiches for lunch, which Clinton insisted be covered with hot sauce.

That didn’t go over well with the stylist, a black woman named Doreen Winston, who later relayed to a local reporter that she felt Clinton was only pandering to her because of her race:

“She didn’t know I’m a proud black woman for Trump,” said Winston, “so after she did that I did a little pandering of my own.”

Winston, an informed voter, had seen the recent anonymous video that links Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudi Arabian connection to 9/11. She decided to use her own brand of wit and charm to get information from Clinton, which turned out to be a total success. After displaying pity for the situation Abedin is in with her connection to pedophile Anthony Weiner, Winston was able to get a quote from Secretary Clinton about her top girl’s past:

“Huma…was raised by jihadists. Her family business supports extremism. She’s got a certain fondness for them. That doesn’t make her one of them.”

Clinton, or Abedin for that matter, have never addressed the Abedin family connection to radical Islam. They avoid it like the plague. To hear her so nonchalantly cast it aside is extremely disturbing. Either Clinton genuinely believes that “having a fondness for terrorists” is OK or she’s in league with them, just like her pal Barack Obama.

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  1. B.O. was raised by commies; everyone with whom he has ever associated hates every noble principle, moral virtue, & lofty ideal that made our Republic the greatest nation our Father ever entrusted to His children. He wrote and said that he planned to destroy America. But, we’re to believe that he–like Huma–is not our enemy?!

  2. Why is this not the main topic on every media outlet? IF there is legitimate evidence of Clinton being involved with the murder of Vince Foster then the public should know this immediately.

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