Wikileaks Drops A BOMBSHELL: Hillary And The DNC Are RIGGING The Recount

Earlier last week, Jill “Moon Beams” Stein from the Green Party called for a recount. Now, this recount was clearly a scam — whiny liberals who can’t handle that real Americans voted against their Urban Agenda were the target, obviously. Unfortunately, Moon Beams — either because she’s a member of the globalist alliance or a tool of the globalist alliance, I can’t be sure which — managed to raise enough money to cast aspersions on the victory of our great leader.

And now Crooked Hillary has announced she’s getting into the act.

And do you know what that means? It means that it’s time for the Clinton Machine and George Soros to get involved, stealing the victory from rightful thinking Americans. Do I have proof of this? Of course I do — a new release by WikiLeaks reveals that this is exactly what’s happening:


Some of their documents include emails like this one:

I couldn’t believe it when the order came down to start destroying the ballots on Friday. I didn’t understand why we were being told to destroy Republican votes, but everyone did as they were told. I was told that if I didn’t destroy the votes for Trump, then I’d be p****ng off someone higher up then me, and I might regret it.

The gentleman in question identified himself as a district supervisor in Holly, Michigan. Because Michigan uses a paper ballot, it’s very easy to destroy the votes.

So who’s leading this charge to destroy votes? Why, none other than the Clinton Machine. Most of the evidence is from a man named “Vydumalov”, from St. Petersburg. The state St. Petersburg is in, Florida, was another key swing state, and Vydumalov told WikiLeaks that the Clinton Machine is at work there, as well:

At first I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Everyone was looking at this figured, ‘yeah, it’s just Stein trying to f**k over stupid liberals’, but when Clinton jumped in, I got suspicious. I got in contact with my other buddies around the country, including a good friend I have in the middle of nowhere out in Montana who’s a whiz at this stuff [Note: I was able to track down Vydumalov and confirm that he’s talking about Kremlin, Montana, a census designated place in Hill County with a population of 126; naturally, he wasn’t willing to share who his friend was given the small size of the location]. We started looking into this and we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Sure enough, dig a little deeper, and you find Clinton fingerprints all over this s**t — including right here in St. Petersburg.

We can not let this stand. If the liberals try to steal our election, then we need to rise up and riot! We need to attack them, rage against them — we can not let the globalists steal our election! We won by a huge amount and it’s our mandate to institute the policies to Make America Great Again, even if we have to take to the streets with our guns and fight for them!

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