WHOA: Clinton Seizure Scare Forces Her To Cancel Election Night Fireworks

Hillary Clinton
YouTube (Screen Capture) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhhrSr-hjxY

On election night, president wannabe Hillary Clinton will be limiting stimuli due to a recent health scare. Just two days after making arrangements to hold a fireworks display on the Hudson River on election night, the Clinton campaign quietly canceled the fireworks due to increasing concerns the fireworks would set Clinton’s “condition” off.

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The Clinton campaign would have us all believe that their nominee is perfectly healthy, but a source close to the campaign told CNN that bright flashing lights and loud noises have the potential “to set off Clinton’s seizure disorder.” They want to maintain appearances Clinton is in perfect health even though the nominee is barely limping towards the finish line.

The source added:

“Losing the election is embarrassing enough, but to have our candidate fall convulsing to the floor after fireworks would just be too much to bear. Instead, we’ll be playing the music of Jewel at a soft level and banning flash photography, since those also have the potential to set her off.”

The campaign believed Clinton would be healthy enough for the fireworks when they made the plans initially but the same source told CNN Clinton had a recent “episode” but wouldn’t elaborate further.

Earlier in the election, Hillary Clinton was seen having a seizure while talking to reporters after they fired off too many questions at once. She has also had many moments onstage where she appeared to be “stroking out.” Many people are saying her neurological problems are the result of her severe head injury she sustained while Secretary of State.

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Now she can’t even handle fireworks but somehow she believes she’s fit to be the Commander-in-Chief!? I don’t think so!

Watch this report by CNN:

Update: The Clinton News Network took the video off their website immediately because the corporate overlords will do anything to protect her!