What Trump Just Said To Pompous A$$ Paul Ryan Will Have You Laughing Until It Hurts!

Paul Ryan apparently has issues with Donald Trump subverting the old-school method of calling a press conference ever time you have something you think the American people need to hear and using social media instead. In a meeting at Trump Tower Tuesday afternoon, Ryan tried to treat the President-Elect like a child, scolding him about his tweet about Air Force One being too expensive.

Lucy Shmarkelian, a low-level manager for the Trump Foundation who happened to be in Trump’s penthouse working with Melania, told a reporter for In Touch Magazine that the exchange between the two men was quite a site to behold.

“Ryan looked at Trump with that condescending gaze of his and Trump just raised an eyebrow, let out a ‘pffft’ and walked away.”

Ryan then made a big mistake: he called the President-Elect “Donald” and used Hillary Clinton’s infamous Twitter line, “Delete your account.” That didn’t sit well with the future Commander-in-Chief. Trump walked back towards Ryan and gave him a dose of reality:

“Are you kidding me?” said Trump, “The only reason you still have a job is because I allowed you to win. I make one phone call and your career is over.”

Ryan stormed out of the building like a toddler who just had his favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle taken from him.


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