US Embassy In Yemen Attacked By Terrorists-US Response So Perfect Nobody Will Cover It

The US Embassy in Sana’a, Yemen was attacked by ISIS forces today in what the Pentagon said was the finest defensive stand anyone has seen in decades. Under fire from enemy forces, the compound, which is incredibly similar to the one in Benghazi, managed to repel hundreds of terrorists with little to no backup for 13 hours until forces arrived to relieve them.

When the all-clear was given and US Marines filled the compound, more than 150 people had been saved at the incredibly difficult price of four American lives. Because of their ranks and clearance, they will simply appear as starts on the wall of the CIA. Back home in Foggy Bottom, the State Department is being praised for their fast reply and coordination with the White House.

At first, the extent of the attack and the reason itself was unknown. There was rumor that other protests in the region may have played a role but that’s still being investigated. What we do know is that Rex Tillerson took the phone call that the embassy was overrun at about 3AM and alerted the President, who gave the Defense Department orders to proceed with proper protocols on the ground in that region.

In the end those still alive at the end say that they would have all died had it not been for the sacrifice of those brave men. Don’t forget to go and vote Trump for them in 2020…because they can’t.

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