Urine Trouble Hillary Clinton: Russians Release Real ‘Peegate’ Info — It Was Clinton Not Trump

The Kremlin has just responded again to the allegations that they have a blackmail package on Donald Trump with even more damning evidence…against Hillary Clinton! As it turns out, the Russians have nothing on Trump but they do have pictures of Hillary Clinton urinating in…peculiar…places.

Obama, The DNC and FEMA are all scampering about trying to figure out what will happen next as they clean up the former secretary’s mess. Obama told reporters:

Let me be perfectly clear. There was no pee…in my briefings. Or in my briefs. Hillary Clinton is free to do what she wishes behind closed doors.

This new information makes perfect sense. The Russians, who had nothing to do with influencing the election (Trump has confirmed on Twitter 41 times) and had nothing to do with hacking the DNC or Hillary, would have the best information on her since they are said to have a broad and impressive network of hackers and phishing programs.

Here are the images investigators are now viewing and authenticating:

Hillary was seen going into the door on the right at this Starbucks, which doesn’t seem correct. While the sign says “men,” can’t she just declare it “gender neutral” and squat on the left?

This Subway bathroom was the victim of Clinton’s pee, even though it was marked for couples only. Can’t she read? What the hell was she doing in there?

Clinton was also seen entering this stall, though she never purchased any tokens. What are the chances a secret sugar daddy is following her around feeding the meters?

The Russians have her on these. This is far more embarrassing than some fake news report about Trump being such a child that he hired girls to pee on a bed Barack Obama slept on. Stoopid libtards.

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