Trump’s First Order Of Business For The New Year Sends Obama Into A Hissy Fit Of Rage

Donald Trump has just issued his first order of business for the New Year. It’s absolutely fantastic. Now that the politics are over and the liberals have their safe spaces to go and cry, Trump told the Republican leaders of the House and Senate to get to work writing legislation that will end freeloading in this country once and for all.

That’s right. Donald Trump has had it with all of those people who say they need free foods to survive. He will work with congress to kill the Food Stamp program, the number one vessel by which Democrats buy votes from poor people. Trump’s plan came with this announcement from spokeswoman Katrina Pierson:

“Poor people don’t need food, they need to get off their lazy butts and do something for themselves. President-Elect Trump thinks it’s important that they learn that if they don’t get jobs it’s a long walk to the soup kitchen.”

A lefty liberal reporter from MSNBC tried to sell some crap about 70 percent of food stamp recipients having jobs and that for most, the program is a helping hand while they get back on their feet, but that doesn’t cut it for those of us who have seen people buying malt liquor, steak, lobsters and potato chips with our hard-earned money.

Sure, Food Stamp fraud is actually under 2 percent of what we spend and the program mostly benefits children, but at what point do we stop letting the kids of freeloaders get fat while we struggle to buy nutritious foods for our children with actual cash money and not some card that takes money directly from other programs like Social Security and medicare?

An independent, non-partisan think tank operating out of Koch Industries has concluded that taking food off of the tables of people who haven’t earned it will save the country $11 trillion in just eight years, enough to cut the national debt in half. That money could be much better spent in the pockets of business owners who could use it to create jobs for people who refuse to work.

It’s a new country, patriots. Do your part or starve.

Most of us don’t eat this well, why should they?


BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Put His FIRST Executive Order In Writing And Obama Is FURIOUS!

If you’re panicking right now because even though you love to talk about what scumbags food stamp recipients are but you actually get them yourself, don’t worry…Trump is also putting in place a “hypocrite clause” that will allow people in red states to continue to get assistance. There’s no reason for true patriots to be denied what they need.

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