Trump To Be Charged With Treason–But Will It Stick?

The popular website Bipartisan Report ran an article we were all-too-sad to confirm. A group of powerful Democrats from a super PAC have petitioned to have Donald Trump charged with treason over his connection to the Russians hacking and influencing the election.

With just 76,000 well-placed votes the difference between a narrow Trump electoral win and a Clinton popular and electoral landslide, prominent Democrats are calling for the CIA, NSA and others to release their reports on Russia influencing the election before the electoral college makes his win official next Monday. They are also calling for the current administration to charge Trump with treason to make him publicly answer the allegations before his inauguration.

“It is likely at this point that Donald Trump will be charged with treason,” said a spokesman for Attorney General Loretta Lynch, “we cannot simply overlook the connection between Trump and Vladimir Putin, his business dealings in the former Soviet Republic or the fact that the Russian influence seems to have been all pro-Trump.”

Here’s the thing. We patriots all know that Donald Trump won the election fair and square, no matter what the facts say. You can point to Russia’s involvement all day long and even show us a connection¬†but we know that 3 million illegals voted for Hillary Clinton, who should be in prison to begin with and therefore ineligible for the office anyway.

The American people won’t stand for their next president being slandered like this. The GOP congress will never allow a Republican to stand trial one way or the other. this whole thing is a waste of taxpayer money. Obama was never charged with treason and he broke the constitution on day one just by being president. Clinton hasn’t been charged even though she’s directly responsible for Benghazi.

What difference does it make if they find out the Russians wanted Trump in the White House? So did the American people. The legal ones anyway.

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