Trump To Assemble Team To Investigate Michelle Obama–Barack Is P*SSED!

Michelle Obama has spent the last eight years doing what no First Lady has ever done: racking up tens of thousands of miles on Air Force One for lavish vacations, hiring dozens of “aides” to make sure she doesn’t have to walk her own dog or raise her own kids and traveling the country on the taxpayer’s dime to stick her nose in public school lunches, making them unappetizing and void of any nutrition.

After being prompted by a petition with more than 100,000 names on it, President-Elect Trump has quietly assembled a task force to investigate just how much Moochelle has spent on her frivolous whims so the US government can send her a bill. An aide for the committee, said to be led by none other than the ruthless yet fair Trey Gowdy, told CNN:

” So far this has been kept quiet so her husband couldn’t issue a pardon in case any of the expenditures were found to be criminal, but since the investigation won’t be able to begin until January 2oth, it really doesn’t matter who knows.”

Trump hasn’t commented on the decision to investigate M<ichelle Obama specifically, but has included the expenses of the current administration in talks about “draining the swamp.” Early estimates suggest that if the Obamas are forced to reimburse their unwarranted spending that they could be looking at nearly a billion dollars.

The Obama White House hasn’t responded, with Josh Earnest only saying that President Obama is rather upset that anyone would question his wife’s integrity.

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