Trump Sends Old Man Sanders Out To Pasture With A Single Perfect Insult

Earlier this week, Socialist Sanders from Vermont spoke with Conan O’Brien, and in the process, slammed our president, calling his tweets ‘delusional’ and ‘insane.’ This is typical for liberals who can’t stand that they lost, but President Trump himself took special interest in this one and in a recent interview with RT, he absolutely destroyed Sanders.

When asked for his opinion on Trump’s recent (and correct) tweet about millions of illegals stealing the popular vote from him, Sanders had this to say:

“I’ll tell you what my take is. First of all, it’s delusional. It’s totally insane. Nobody believes that who studies elections or election patterns.

Now leaving off the fact that there’s a huge mass of evidence to support this, the fact that the globalists are clearly meddling with the recount to try to skew the results in their favor, and that everyone with a college degree — who’s mind has been polluted by liberal education — is calling for the electoral college to renege on their duty to vote for President Trump, it’s pretty clear that the only person who’s “insane” and “delusional” here is Sanders.

There’s very real voter fraud in this country and it’s being perpetrated by the left. And Sanders even admitted as much when he said he wanted to get more people into the electoral process, which is code-speak for getting more illegals to vote next time around.

Of course, if it ended there, it wouldn’t be worth reporting.”Stupid socialist is stupid” isn’t a headline, it’s a fact.

What makes this special is that while taking with RT today, President Trump stepped up and attacked Sanders, absolutely DESTROYING him — and it was glorious:

So who is this Sanders guy, anyway? I don’t understand why his opinion is so important, I mean, look, if you consider all of the things that we want to do, and how we want to make America great again — I mean, it’s pretty obvious this guy doesn’t have the first clue what he’s talking about.

Look, Sanders ran as a socialist. Do you know what the definition of insanity is? It’s doing the same thing over and over again. We’ve had socialism in this country for the last eight years and it hasn’t worked then and it won’t work now. Of course he’s going to to attack me for, for something he is. That’s what happens when you have dementia.

Boom. Head shot.

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