Trump Just Gave ‘Black Lives Matter’ Rioters Some Very Bad News…Bad For Them That is

Black Lives Matter was started as a group of activists with a distinct message that young black men were being harassed, arrested, incarcerated and killed at higher rates than young white men. It was a small movement  of peaceful protesters…for about a day. Then it turned into what we see today: people taking advantage of the tragic deaths of civilians AND police to loot and burn their own neighborhoods and riot in the name of oppression.

If the oppression were real it would be one thing, but the people responsible for the riots always seem to overlook the fact that the “innocent” people they’re rioting in the name of were all criminals of some sort who couldn’t obey simple orders from police officers.

Donald Trump has voiced his concern for the young black male community, promising to support jobs initiatives and other programs that will allow them to lead more productive, less violent lives. Trump understands the difference between racism and social responsibility.

With that in mind, the President-Elect just sent the looters and rioters some very bad news: While peaceful protests will always be welcome, looting and rioting will result in federalizing police forces and short stints of martial law to restore order. Trump said he would make America safe again and so he will. In a letter sent to the leaders of Black Lives Matter, Trump wrote:

“While the nation appreciates your efforts to bring the issue of police brutality to the spotlight, we will no longer tolerate those peaceful protests turning into angry mobs that loot and burn the neighborhoods we’re all trying to save. Your organization will need to learn that violence won’t be tolerated because ALL LIVES MATTER.

I look forward to working with you to make your neighboirhoods safe again.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, yellow, orange or purple. If you break the law in this country and cause a mob mentality you’re going to be dealt with accordingly. The days of pussyfooting around dangerous situations so nobody upsets a liberal are over. Donald Trump is obviously the real deal; he doesn’t care about being politically correct and he’s not afraid to support the police.

The liberals who called him a “fascist” are eating their words now, aren’t they?

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