A FED UP President Trump Just Hit Lying Liberal Fake News Media With $500 BILLION In Fines

When the president gets hit, he’s going to hit back harder.

– White House Spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders 6/30/17

In a breathtaking example of exactly that awesome strength and resolve to not let anyone walk all over him, President Trump has put the lying liberal fake news media on high alert — by hitting them with over $500 billion in fines for their dishonest reporting over the last several months.

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Correspondents from The Last Line of Defense have just confirmed that President Trump, who has been working closely with the Federal Communications Commission ever since the completely unfunny washed up liberal comedian Stephen Colbert made a disgusting joke about him on live television, slapped the hacks at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, PBS and others with what the White House is calling “the largest single fine on dishonest media outlets in the history of America.”

According to our source at MSNBC, several well-known libtard hosts were seen crying in the hallways soon after the devastating announcement, apparently afraid that the entire phony network is about to go bankrupt. I’d try to feel bad for them but, I couldn’t care less what happens to these hateful freedom-hating traitorous enemies of President Trump.

Can you hear that noise, fellow-Trump supporters? It’s the sound of all those special liberal snowflakes whimpering and shaking in their sparkly rainbow boots like the pansies they all are. Fingers crossed and praying hard that the President’s bold actions will shut them all down for good!

Awwww… you sad, bro?

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