Trey Gowdy Just Had The Capitol Police Smash Down An Office Door–In The Democrat Wing

Very little information is available as of yet other than Trey Gowdy, chief investigator of Democrats and their shenanigans, has obtained a warrant and had the Capitol Police kick in the door of a Democratic congressman.

The office, which belongs to Rep. John Stillwater (D-ME), is still on lockdown as aides to Mr. Gowdy collect evidence on the authority of a federal judge. The only significance this particular office holds is it seems to be the meeting place where Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi met to discuss what lies they would tell the American people after Benghazi. Mr. Stillwater wasn’t in congress at the time, so his involvement may be coincidental.

What the committee is looking for is unclear and nobody can get near that wing of the capitol at this time. We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

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