Trump Destroys Obama’s Favorite Thing Besides Obamacare

Obama’s education program, known across the world as the globalist’s solution for teaching children, is officially dead in the United States of America. President Trump, after exploring his options, found a way to do away with this menace to society.

As it turns out, in order to funnel money from the Department of Education into Common Core without going through the budget process, Obama made it into a “voluntary” state program without telling anyone. That’s right, Common Core was never actually a federal law.

That being true, all it took was a simple Executive Order to the DOE to eliminate every facet of Common Core from the federal curriculum and voila…no more globalism in our classrooms. Trump will instead make sure that those students are learning creation and valid science, not hoax garbage about climate change.

Our kids will once again stop bothering with “critical thinking” skills that allow them to learn how to find new and exciting ways to make ten plus ten equal 20. They will instead learn about the origins of our country and how we were driven here by God as the natural rulers of the land. How we settled the wilderness and made it into a great nation.

Common Core was just another Obama farce we can all do without.

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