These 2 Liberal Celebrities Just Checked Into The Psych Ward To ‘Recover From Trump’s Win’

By now we’ve all seen the effect President Trump’s victory is having across the country. While real Americans celebrate change and the death of liberal politics that had turned us into a nation of whiny little crybabies, the liberals have gone into total meltdown.

They’ve taken to the streets to riot and destroy their own neighborhoods, as usual, and their little heads are exploding because America is tired of pandering to people who won’t help themselves and those who are an affront to God.

The latest in libtard breakdowns is hilarious. Two famous lefties have checked themselves into mental wards to seek help for acute depression and anxiety, seeking help to “recover from Trump’s win.

According to sources inside the  luxury resort known as The Silver Hill Mental Institution near Canaan, Connecticut, two new additions have taken up residence for what will probably be the better part of a month to deal with the trauma of a decent man finally occupying the White House.

The first, an outspoken liberal since her Charlie’s Angels days when she and the other stars were seen on Good Morning America wearing shirts that said “I Won’t Vote For A Son Of A Bush,” is Drew Barrymore. Barrymore, whose looks have slipped away along with her acting career, is said to be resting comfortably on a steady of fruit, Adderal and Xanax. She’s expected to make a full recovery and resume being a tree-hugging jackass before Christmas.

Drew Barrmore is seen looking distraught after Trump won the presidency.
Drew Barrymore is seen looking distraught after Trump won the presidency.

Th other famous liberal, who checked in a day before Barrymore, is suffering from “professional fatigue and post-traumatic stress disorder after having a breakdown on the Wednesday morning Hillary Clinton gave her concession speech. An aide confirmed that Miley Cyrus, who is said to be afraid for her safety because of her perceived bisexuality, will most likely be released before Christmas as well, because apparently the thought of spending the holidays in a locked ward is the cure for almost anything.

Miley Cyrus sent out these pictures of herself crying over Clinton’s loss on Instagram -TMZ

Somebody needs to take these people and send them away for good. It’s the right thing to do.

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