The 1,000s Of Jobs President Trump Saved? Crooked Hillary Was Paid To Outsource Them If She Won

Earlier this week, President Trump stepped up and proved his mettle and dedication to the American people by saving 1,000s of jobs from being outsourced to Mexico. And how does the media repay him? By attacking him for it. What can you expect from thankless elites who hate Americans so much they want to see us out of work?

What the media hasn’t been talking about, though, are recent documents leaked by a whistle-blower in Carrier Air Conditioning that show people within the Clinton Campaign were behind the outsourcing, because they stood to make some serious money off it.

This appears to travel all the way to the top of the campaign, and includes Crooked Hillary herself.

If this surprises you, you really haven’t been paying attention to what Hitlery has been saying. From the beginning she attacked hardworking Americans, in particular, those in the coal business. She wanted to replace coal, which has been a feature of this nation since it’s inception almost, with European-style “green energy” — inefficient solar mirrors and ugly wind turbines, which are form of visual pollution worse than anything that can come out of smoke stack. And that was just one instance of her economic warfare on the American people. Perhaps the best example comes from her husband, who signed NAFTA into law.

The documents, released by Wikileaks and all but ignored by the Lamestream Media, note that several members of Carrier’s board donated undisclosed sums of money to several PACs associated with Crooked Hillary, under the impression that she would win and therefore clear the way for the jobs to be shipped to Mexico. According to these documents, through a complex web of investments, the board members stood to make a killing, and so did the people from Clinton’s campaign.

The sums are “undisclosed” because they got lost in maze of dark money that supported Clinton’s Campaign this election cycle. Presumably in the same place where all the Russian money donated to the candidate this election cycle went.

The documents go on to note that everyone stood to gain, including Clinton and her man in Mexico, Carlos Slim, who owned the land that the jobs were going to be transported to. Well, everyone except for the Americans who worked at Carrier.

Fortunately, Clinton didn’t win. And without Clinton’s victory, Carrier realized they’d have to deal with President Trump. President Trump, bringing his negotiating acumen to the table, saved the jobs and thwarted Crooked Hillary’s plans.

This is a major victory for the American People in more ways than one, and heralds a new age in which America will once again become Great.

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