SPECIAL REPORT: Steve Bannon Tried To Turn Trump Into A Racist

There is a lot of speculation right now about why Steve Bannon was fired or if he did, in fact, resign. Our special correspondent in the White House, Cynthia Luwhoe, has an exclusive report directly from Trump’s new White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Ariel Peasawirk:

“The problem with Steve Bannon had nothing to do with butting heads on conservative issues or some power struggle. the simple fact is, Steve Bannon is a racist who wanted to turn President trump into a bigot as well.

There were dozens of occasions in which President Trump would indicate that the level of Bannon’s rhetoric was a bit off the charts. Donald Trump loves the blacks and the Jews and even the Hispanics. The things Bannon made him say aftyer the Nazi rally were uncalled for, and now Bannon is out of a job.”

President Trump has made it clear that when a minority picks himself up and joins society, he should be treated as fairly as everyone else. Bannon’s take, according to Luwhoe, is that a minority is worthless whether they make it out of the ghetto or not. President Trump is all for welcoming those people with open arms.

Bannon won’t be getting a good reference from Donald Trump.

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