Sarah Palin Spills The Beans On What Her Role Will Be In Trump’s Administration And It’s HUGE!

Sarah Palin was having dinner with her daughter, Bristol, and some friends Saturday evening when both her waitress and the couple at the next table overheard her talking about how different the world will be on January 20th, 2017 at 2PM. Donald Trump will be the President of the United States and the change will start immediately.

According to Marsha Walinsbury-Smith of St. Paul, Minnesota, Sarah Palin is “90 percent sure” she’s going to be nominated to be the next Ambassador to Libya. Smith, vacationing in Anchorage with her husband Merle and their two Weimaraners, said they were ecstatic to meet the Palins and couldn’t be more pleased that such a good family values woman would be making sure another tragedy like the one that happened to Ambassador Chris Stevens ¬†never happens again.

A political analyst for Fox News working as a private consultant confirmed that the post would be right up Palin’s alley:

“Trump would want the Ambassador responsible for overseeing the new consulate and annex in Benghazi to be a strong, vocal, Christian woman who the local terrorists would fear and respect. Let’s face it — Sarah Palin isn’t going to take any crap from anybody.”

The waitress who served the Palins, who chose to remain anonymous out of respect for the waitress-customer relationship, said Governor Palin seemed excited at the prospect, one time proclaiming rather loudly:

“I’d like to see those cowardly bastards mess with me!”

She also said she sees the Palins regularly and noted that while Palin may have had a cocktail or two, she was nowhere near drunk and seemed to be in great spirits about the election and the general mood of the country moving towards next Tuesday:

“They’re great people and really good tippers. Mrs. Palin seems really excited for Trump, no matter where she ends up serving. She’s a true inspiration.”

The Associated Press tried to contact Palin for a comment, but only got a spokesman who confirmed that the former governor is “looking forward to serving her country and her president.”

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