Researchers Deliver Cure For Kirk Cameron’s Rare Disease-An Hour Too Late

Kirk Cameron, who contracted a rare form of leprosy that turns men into walking piles of skin, has succumbed to the disease only two days after being diagnosed. Cameron, a good friend of several famous televangelists, used his influence to get some research done for a cure in the weeks he had left.

Doctors say the stress of the changes at the cellular level were too much for Cameron’s heart and he died, just an hour before the researchers showed up with the cure in hand. The Doctor in charge of the case, Dr. Lou Siyouhaf Susplenen DDOO told LLOD’s Skip Tetheluda:

“Kirk called on some friends and they delivered. Joel Osteen led the charge and raised more than $40 million for the research. As it turns out, the cure is silicon based, not carbon based, so while it never would have been found by accident like penicilin, it is incredibly easy to make once discovered.”

So basically because Kirk Cameron was a wise servant of the Lord he was able to use favor to save his own life, ultimately going to meet his maker anyway. The Lord must really need him right now.

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