REPORT: The Obamas Kept A Secret For 5 Years That They Had NO RIGHT To Keep From The American People

For more than five years Barack Obama kept a secret from the American Public that we had the ri8ght to know about. On June 17th, 2011, Obama had an accident at the White House residence that left him unconscious…for four days!!!

During those four days, the 25th Amendment should have been invoked and the next in the line of succession should have been running the country. Michelle Obama, who was there when Barack hit his head, made the decision to keep him in the residence and not tell anyone, signing his name on enough legal documents to land herself in hot water.

Jeff Derpinger of the White House Office of Information and Propaganda told reporters that the Justice Department has been notified:

“As soon as we found out we knew this was a big deal. If the president is incapacitated and someone else outside the line of succession makes decisions in his stead, what you have is essentially a coup de ta. Michelle Obama became the dictator of America for four days in June that year without ever being elected to anything.

If she signed a single piece of legislation or an executive order of any kind there will be charges of treason. If not we still have to look into the legalities of what went on and determine if there is cause for a hearing. We’ll probably ask Mr. Gowdy to investigate.”

Leave it to the Obamas to figure out a way to break the law over something as simple as a slip and fall. It makes no sense. The only thing that would almost make sense is if Joe Biden was also incapacitated and the Dems didn’t want John Boehner sitting in the Oval, but public records show Biden healthy and scheduled as normal during the time period in question.

This is a developing story that will be updated.

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