PRESIDENT TRUMP Just Signed His First Executive Order And America Is ALREADY A Much Better Place

It took him l3ess than 2 hours from the time he was sworn to make America greater than it’s been in 8 years. With a single signature, President Trump just wiped out every banking regulation that has-been Obama ever created. Our financial institutions are now free to run their markets how they see fit, freeing up funds and loosening restrictions on the nation’s biggest job creators.

President Trump’s spokesman and Twitter spell-checker, Jeff, told the Office of Regulatory Oversight to cease operations until the new regulations, a rollback to the days when George W Bush made us all a little bit wealthier for a short time, take effect. He told reporters:

“President Trump wants everyone to know that the days of cutting businesses, including our banks and financial institutiona, off at the knees are over. Interest rates should be set by the free market, not the Fed, and there should be no government interference into what people are willing and able to pay on things like student loans.”

He’s right. Just because I can afford to pay off air conditioning school faster doesn’t mean some poor snowflake who took ancient Greek history should get a special interest rate. If banks can get people with bad credit to buy stuff at 29 percent interest they should be allowed to. Good rates and easy payments should be reserved for people who work hard and don’t lose their jobs.

Now that Wall Street can start trading bad debts as commodities again we can get back to making those sure-thing investments the way we could up until 2008 when the Democrats decided to run Obama and the economy crashed. With Trump in office that won’t happen again.

20 minutes is all it took. Ain’t being an American grand again?

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