President Trump Just Had To Smack Jeb Bush Down For The Horrible Thing He Said About Irma


It’s no secret that whiny, petulant child and former Florida governor Jeb Bush hates Donald Trump. All through the campaign, Bush unleashed petty attacks on Donald Trump’s “hand size” and cast unfair aspersions on his character because Jeb is a tiny, pathetic man who is clearly compensating for something by attacking Trump.

No matter how horrible his previous attacks, which have included a half hour long whinefest with his mommy, Bush really outdid himself when he said God sent Hurricane Irma to punish Christians in Florida for electing President Trump.

“I feel just awful for everyone in my state who was hurt by Irma,” Bush said in an interview with ¬†Jacksonville’s Orange City Gazette. “I sit and I watch these people and see them suffering and I wonder why God’s doing this to us. I sometimes feel like he saw us elect Donald Trump and removed his protection from the country.”

After hearing about Bush’s remarks, Trump decided to respond with a single word, paying a skywriter to write the message above Bush’s hometown:

Now THAT is how you respond when your inferiors attack: with a show of strength and a loud proclamation that you will not stand for it.

The White House confirmed Monday that Trump did indeed commission this beautiful artwork.

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