President Trump Buys The Greatest White House Pet EVER For Baron

Liberals like to pretend that Melania Trump is living in New York because she hates the White House and hates being First Lady. The truth is, she is only staying at Trump Tower until the end of the school year to keep some sense of normalcy for her son. She will be arriving to live full-time in the Presidential Mansion in early June along with Baron.

In anticipation of his family being reunited for good, President Trump has joined almost every first family in history by securing a pet for Baron. Like everything Trump does, this is much bigger than any ordinary pet…or it will be.

Baron will have the honor of naming the 11 week-old cub.

He has secured an albino Bengal tiger cub, one of the rarest animals in the world, along with a small team of trainers to make sure it grows up loving and respecting his son. A cage is being installed that will allow the animal to play inside and access the outside through a specialized door designed by the San Diego Zoo.

Beautiful and playful, the cub will have six months of time to acclimate to the White House and Baron. If it works out, she will be allowed to stay along with one main trainer and an onsite veterinarian. Liberal groups have been losing their minds over the president “owning” an endangered animal, citing city ordinances forbidding large cats from living in a DC residence.

“This isn’t a residence,” Trump said to a small gathering in Mar-A-Lago, “This is the White House we’re talking about. I’ll sign an order making it legal and the tree huggers can deal with it.”

The big cat will be sent to a local zoo after Trump’s term in office is over. Until then, he says the image of his son walking the halls of the White House with a Bengal tiger on a gold leash makes him feel like royalty. Don’t worry, the cost of the animal and its trainers is still far lower than the salaries of the 23 people the Obamas needed to walk their dog.

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