Pennsylvania Election Official BUSTED Telling People To Vote Clinton

Election official caught in Pennsylvania committing Voter Fraud

We’re not even half a day into the election and the stories of voter fraud are rolling in. Whether it’s Crooked Hillary admitting that she’s running a fraudulent election on national TV or her buses of illegal immigrants, Donald Trump saw this coming and he warned us.

Thank goodness we have people watching polls out there — otherwise, one election official in Pennsylvania would never have been caught.

The story comes to me from a poll watcher and loyal fan of the blog, who, for fear of his life due to the the Clinton Machine and violent liberal retaliation wants to remain anonymous. According to our poll watcher, voter fraud is rampant in Pennsylvania, and he saw it first hand while voting this morning. He informed me that while he was voting, he saw an election official telling people to vote for Crooked Hillary.

That’s right — an election official telling people to vote for Crooked Hillary. According to our poll watcher:

“At first, I couldn’t believe what I heard. The guy was standing there, handing out the ballots. As he did, he told them, ‘make sure that you vote for Hillary. Mark the bubble for Hillary. If you mark the bubble for Trump, the machine won’t read it, because the machine’s broken. If you want to vote for Trump, make sure you notify us and we’ll record it separately on a sheet of paper and go back and add it later.’ I was horrified, so I stormed over and demanded to know what was going on.”

Our poll watcher told me that he was confronted by what looked like “two Mexican gang members from MS-13,” who proceeded to approach him. It was at that point that he, because he was running late for work, decided to leave, but on his way, he notified me so I could publish his account.

This is the sort of corruption that’s passing for democracy in our once great nation, folks. We have to keep these election officials honest. While it might seem depressing, there’s good evidence that Pennsylvania is going to to for Trump, but we can’t let our guards down. God only knows what the evil Clinton Machine has up its sleeves next.

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