One Of The Sickest Obama Rumors Confirmed By White House Historians

Shortly after Obama took office, people started noticing that there was something a little bit off about the gold curtains in the East Room of the White House. One theologian who got close enough discovered that they were what is referred to as “Muslim prayer curtains,” which is why they’re in the East room on the East Wall. They replaced the gold curtains that wad been in the room since the Nixon administration.

Obama and the White House chief historian at the time denied the allegation, called it ridiculous and circulated pictures of 5 different Presidents standing in front of the same curtains. Only now are we learning the truth, since Obama was brazen enough to leave them behind.

The curtains are designed to collect the prayers of Muslims and “infidels” alike by harboring magic from the Moon God in the East. When you look at them you are basically submitting your will to Allah and rejecting Jesus Christ. Or so they believe. The new White House Historian has examined the curtains and found that they were made in Caledonia in 2002 from Egyptian cotton and goat hair. They have the correct stitching. There is a small dirt content that turns out to be sand from the Muslim Holy City of Mecca.

The White House now says there is no way these aren’t prayer curtains. President Trump has ordered they be removed and burned and replaced with the original gold curtains, which were designed and installed by Macy’s. Jeff Sessions is looking into whether or not charges can be filed but has so far run into nothing but regulation and roadblocks.

Obama made it nearly impossible to remove the stigma of radical Islam from our White House.

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