Obama’s Executive Order For January 20th Proves He’s A Sick, Jealous Crybaby

Obama refuses to go away peacefully like the American people want him to. When a vast majority of real Americans voted to put Donald Trump in the White House, they were also voting for an end to the Obama frame of mind.

Poor Barry Soetoro can’t seem to grasp that concept, so he’s put together a slew of orders to make Trump’s transition into the residence¬†more difficult. Now, on top of that, he’s also ordered one final insult for Donald Trump that only Trump himself will be able to undo. When the flags of our nation go up on January 20th, Obama has ordered that they go to half-staff.

He’s insinuating that the nation will mourn his departure. That’s just not true. If Donald Trump does what we expect and orders the flags raised from his inaugural podium, the cheers from the crowd and from patriots and veterans all across America will prove nobody wants to remember Obummer at all.

Don’t forget, Patriots, that an executive order only applies to flags under the control of the executive branch. make sure your flags at home and on your businesses are flown heartily at full-staff where they belong. This is our country, and on that day we take it back.

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Stryker is a constitutional conservative who can't stand the lazy, crybaby , fantasy world liberals live in. Knowledge is power. The truth will set you free. May the good Lord bless and keep the United States of America.