Obama Proves Once And For All That He Is NOT A Christian

The White House is traditionally one of the most festive places in the country at Christmas time. The halls adorned with wreaths and garland and colorful, lit-up Christmas trees in every corner, presidents have enjoyed the joy of the season and passed it on to visitors for generations.

Just like every other American tradition we hold dear, however, the Obamas have decided their last Christmas in the White House won’t be very much about Christmas at all. Like all of the other politically correct garbage they’ve forced down our throats, the White House this year has been transformed into a “holiday wonderland” where visitors will get a history lesson about Hannukah, Quanza and a Ramadan, a Muslim Holiday not related to the season at all.

The East room has traditionally been reserved for a dozen or more Christmas trees with ornaments and notes from children around the country. This year, the trees are replaced with tables full of sad pictures of refugees and notes about how horrible their lives are. The main atrium that normally houses live music from carolers, bands and acapella groups will instead offer the Muslim call to prayer and a history lesson on where it came from.

Other displays of non-Christian holiday boredom are to include an African buffet in the employee cafeteria for the entire month of December to celebrate Quanza and a dreidel-making station for the kids where they used to be abl;e to make an ornament for one of the dozens of Christmas trees inside the mansion.

Obama insists that all religions are represented even though the only tree reserved to celebrate Christmas specifically is outside on the south lawn, along with a tree at the entrance to the West Wing that was placed there by staffers so they had a place to exchange gifts. There are several other trees inside the White House, but they are decorated with items from any religion that wanted to send something to the president for the season.

Yes, that includes a pentagram from a witches coven and an upside-down cross from the Satanic Temple. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.

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