Obama Celebrates Last Christmas As President By Banning Baby Jesus From The White House

Well, Obama is making sure his War on Christmas lasts clear through his last days in the White House. Early Monday morning, Barack Hussein Obama signed an executive order banning the use of a baby Jesus on the White House soil. That’s right, he banned Jesus Christ.

He told MSNBC:

I am signing this order as an act of tolerance and peace towards globalized unity. Symbols like the nativity or a manger are divisive during a holiday season shared by many different walks of faith. Our White House in inclusive to them all. To make others feel welcome, we will no longer have Jesus in the manger on White House grounds.

Umm, everyone knows America is a Christian nation. How can you have Christmas with no Baby Jesus? This comes after Obama decided Christmas Trees were banned from the White House and declared them all Holiday Trees. Ugh!

We can rest assured President Trump will reverse this action but, it looks like the White House will have yet another Christ-less Christmas with the anti-Christ in the White House.

January 20 can’t come soon enough!


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