Obama Caught Burning A Blunt In The Rose Garden

Barack Obama was photographed Today standing in the White House Rose Garden SMOKING A BIG FAT BLUNT! Since weed is legal in Washington DC, nobody said anything.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t terribly wrong. We reached out to the Trump transition team to see where they stood and received a stark warning from President-Elect Trump himself:

“The problem I see here is the same type of thing you often see with these people. First it’s just a little pot, then they’re smoking crack, angel dust, whatever they can get their hands on. Washington is a mess. We’re gonna build that wall and drain that swamp and we won’t have to worry about it anymore. I mean, if Obama decides to start selling, for example, he could be charged with a crime that could cost him his daughters. Or the one that’s underage anyway.”

When asked about allegations of his own drug use, Mr. Trump said:

“Whether or not I was sniffing a little during those debates isn’t relevant. If I was, it was lockerroom talk and not in any way illegal because I’m going to be the best at bringing down ISIS. Did you hear what I said? ISIS.”

In the end it was determined that Obama’s blunt was no big deal but that Donald Trump is, in fact, not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. Here’s the picture of Obama allegedly smoking a blunt in the Rose Garden:

Image result for obama rose garden

Oh, wait. Never mind. It looks like he’s just holding a piece of paper of some sort. Here’s a video compilation of Donald Trump trying to keep his nasal passages clear of what many believe are illicit drugs in his system instead:

And there you have it. At some point you idiots might figure this out, so we’ll just end this little troll with something that will keep you sharing and coming back for more:


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