New Black Panther Leader Reveals Details Of Obama’s Election Day Gun Grab

You’ve been expecting it – the big Obama gun grab. And we’ve uncovered info that says it starts to go down on Election Day.

According to the street newspaper The Philadelphia Black Spear, phase one of the Obama gun grab will begin with members of the New Black Panthers, the group that shamelessly intimidated white voters who wanted to keep the socialist Kenyan out of the White House in 2008. (And it worked then, too. Look at the picture below and notice there’s not a single white voter to be found.)

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via Wikipedia

John Mohammed-Mustafa, head of the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia, told the Spear about the plans.

“He [Obama] promised us we could take whitey’s guns right after he got elected. He said we had to lay low. We just needed the right excuse,” Mohammed-Mustafa said.

“Well, now we’ve got one. Trump people are planning on coming to the polls on Tuesday to be election watchers. And we know they’re gonna be packing heat. We know where every Trump voter in Philadelphia is, and we’re gonna be ready for them. We’ll be making citizens’ arrests, taking their guns, shutting them down.”

And it’s not just going to happen in Philly, according to the Black Panther leader. “This is part of a national movement,” he said. “You watch. We’ve got things in motion everywhere. We know there are millions of Trump voters out there who are not being counted by polls. I have talked to my brothers across the country, and our goal is the same everywhere — we’re gonna stop those people from getting to the polls, we’re gonna take their guns, and we’re gonna place them in custody to keep them from showing up and causing riots and stuff. All those Trump voters….. it’s gonna be beautiful, man. It’ll be like they never existed.”

Mohammed-Mustafa says that phase two of the gun grab will go into effect when Trump refuses to concede. Obama will order federal troops to seize guns from the remaining Trump supporters, under the guise of keeping order. “We’re ready,” Mohammed-Mustafa says. “We’ve been asking Brother Obama to let us do this, and he has finally agreed.”

The Panther leader acknowledged in the interview that he was only providing these details to The Spear. “I know this only goes out to the Brothas and Sistas,” he said. “Can you imagine what it would be like if whitey found out about it?”

The Philadelphia Spear is a one-sheet paper run by the Black Communists of America. It is published in an undisclosed location and is only distributed in the ghetto and in welfare offices. So they thought we’d never know. But a pizza delivery boy who is a Ben Carson fan found a copy and turned it over to The Resistance, and now we all know what’s about to go down. We told you Obama was coming for your guns, and now he’s almost at your door.

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