Mitch McConnell Suicide Attempts Kept Under Wraps As Long As Possible

For more than seven months the people surrounding Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell have lived with a secret they can no longer bear: he is in advanced dementia, has had multiple suicide attempts and spends most of his time an emotional wreck. His personal aide, Lisa Karlington, told LLOD reporter Skip Tetheluda:

” Mitch is pretty much a blubbering mess. He hasn’t been himself for nearly three years, but for the past seven months he just skated through. Now he sees himself as a failure of a man who couldn’t unite his own party as its legislative leader to govern when it has all three branches of government fairly locked down.

McConnell has, of course, been seen in public a lot, but Karlington says that has a lot to do with medicine. “Drugs,” she said, “Lots and lots of Xanax.”

McConnell’s family hasn’t commented and have asked for privacy during this difficult time. The Democrats are all standing around with their arms outstretched crying about things like McConnell not disclosing that he was a senile old man when he accepted the results of his last election and was sworn in as Senate Majority Leader.

How the legalities will play out are uncertain but one thing is not: McConnell won’t be able to continue now that the cat is out of the bag. His suicide attempts, which include a hanging, three overdoses and a shotgun incident that his grandson calls a miracle. That kind of behavior in the Capitol is discouraged.

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