Michelle Obama Goes Into A Fit Of Rage Over Melania Trump’s Best Idea To Erase Her Yet

Sources inside the Presidential mansion have been telling news sources that Melania Trump’s attempts to erase Michelle Obama’s lavish, expensive “legacy” from the White House are starting to take their toll. After the announcement that Melania will dump the failed school lunch program sent Michelle into a tizzy, Mrs. Trump decided to keep going.

The latest came when chefs for the new administration began updating shopping lists so the transition from Obama to Trump would be seamless. Manuel Rodriguerretez, a porter in the White House kitchen, spilled the beans to a staff photographer with The New York Post:

Mrs. Obama was very upset when she read on the list for January that Melania wanted fresh vegetables like carrots, beets, brussels sprouts and green beans because those usually come from the White House garden she had put in place in 2009.

That’s right. Michelle Obama had a special garden put in to feature freshly-grown vegetables at state dinners and White House functions. It’s not the garden Melania Trump has issues with, it’s the way it’s managed. The porter continued:

There are 7 people on staff full time just to tend to her garden. they do all the work so she can go out once a month with some random kid and have her picture taken.

It’s true. According to the Congressional Budget Office, if you include the price of the staffers, most of whom were in Michelle Obama’s college sorority, the cost of a single green bean from the garden last year was nearly $4000. Green beans with almonds were served at 9 state functions with a total cost of more than $300K. Can you imagine? $300K for green beans just to brag that you grew them yourself?

Michelle went into a fit of rage, throwing a steel colander across the room and breaking a soup bowl on the floor before storming out of the kitchen to scream at her husband for allowing this to happen. Meanwhile, Melania Trump plans to leave the garden intact but open it up to local underprivileged children to come in and work it for free food.

That’s the difference between a Trump and an Obama. It’s easy to see who is smarter when it comes time to get your hands dirty.

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