BREAKING: Malia Obama Arrested For DUI, More Serious Charges To Follow

Truly unbelievable… the Obama daughters are making headlines once again with their abhorrent behavior; and this time, it involves criminal charges. It’s almost too crazy to believe that these two sheltered, bratty girls could be so dumb — but then you remember who their parents are, and it all makes sense.

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A trusted police source has just informed us that Malia and Sasha Obama were pulled over late Thursday morning in Washington D.C., driving what is assumed to be their daddy’s fancy Range Rover (that none of them earned — makes me sick!). But not only that, Malia, who was driving, was allegedly intoxicated as well.

The source, who is a committed career D.C. police officer who broke his silence due to a “duty to stand up for justice and what is right for Americans” says Malia will likely be charged with a D.U.I., at the very least. Reckless driving, endangering pedestrians and more severe criminal charges may soon follow.

Malia in cuffs being led to the back of a police cruiser.

It is also being reported on exclusive underground conservative news-friendly online channels that Sasha was not only drunk on alcohol, she was high on pot as well. Not that it is surprising coming from the daughter if THIS stoner druggie loser:

Here is even more proof that the druggie apple doesn’t fall far from the druggie tree! Yet another compelling reason we need Jesus Christ and God reintroduced on a regular basis into our school systems. But I digress (Sorry, I am a strong, protective Christian Mama first and foremost!)…

What makes my heart light up with joy is the fact that the vile filth that Barack and Michelle and their heinous offspring represent is finally being seen for what it is by the grace of the Lord. PLEASE keep sending GENUINE thoughts and prayers (this is NOT a joke! Our souls are on the line!) to us so that we may continue to valiantly fight this noble battle against the liberal fake news media that threatens President Trump, and bring you the unfiltered truth. Maybe we can even get the Obamas and the Clintons thrown in jail where they belong someday, God willing.

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This is all of the verified information available on this breaking story at this time, but we will bring you updates if and when they are properly confirmed. As usual, stay tuned!