Mainstream Media LYING About Trump Not Pursuing Charges Against Clinton–Here’s What He Said

The mainstream media is reporting that a Trump aide, as well as Kellyanne Conway, have declared that our next President won’t be seeking charges against Hillary Clinton for her criminal use of a private email server or her role in covering up her failure in Benghazi. What they aren’t telling you is what Donald Trump actually said.

They have once again taken a statement completely out of context and made it sound like Donald Trump made some blanket declaration that clearly oversteps his would-be presidential authority to begin with.

The full statement from the aide, which you can find only in small print in foreign publications like the Mirror, says:

“No, President-elect Trump won’t be seeking charges against Hillary Clinton. That’s not his job. His job is to appoint a capable attorney general and FBI director to pursue any charges by nany and all means necessary.”

Conway, who has no official role in the Trump administration other than advisor as of yet, said very much the same thing:

“President Elect Trump has better things to do. He’s got plenty of capable people who will handle law enforcement properly, unlike the current administration.”

Does that sound like Clinton is going to walk away scot-free? No, it does not. What it sounds like is the media wants the American people to think Donald Trump is going back on his campaign promises systematically, one by one, almost in the order that he made them.

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