LOCK HER UP: Hillary Clinton BUSTED Planning Massive Voter Fraud On Hot Mic

CNN done forked up. The end of an interview the network aired this morning caught some hot mic comments from Hillary Clinton that liberals don’t want to get out, especially on election day.

After the interview, Clinton tells Chris Cuomo:

You know I’m going to win, right? Make sure you call the very last state at the last second, though. Look, even if Trump wins, I have a plan. Remember the primaries? Bernie Sanders should have won, but I had people embedded in nearly every polling location ready to take action if he got too many votes. Fortunately, we have the blacks and hispanics wrapped around our finger. That’s all I need. Trump can have the whites. They’re irrelevant.

The video was removed after less than a minute of uptime. We captured it and uploaded it to YouTube, but something strange happened: our account was shut down and the computer on which the video was saved fried right after.

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Don’t let Hillary Clinton steal this election, or it will be our last!

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