LEAKED REPORT: Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service Agents Refuse To Bring Her Anywhere

A report obtained by a White House staffer from the Secret Service was leaked online today, showing that Hillary Clinton isn’t just a criminal and a sore loser, she’s a nightmare for the Secret Service to protect. The staffer, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Gateway pundit:

“This report came directly from Clinton’s head of security. He’s so fed up with how she treats his team he’s ready to quit altogether. As it is, he says he has to convince her about eminent security threats almost daily so he doesn’t have to go through the hell of securing her in public and maintaing the fake image that she’s a decent person.”

The report details dozens of incidents in which Clinton had to be removed from public places before she lost her temper because “commoners” as she calls them wanted to take selfies and shake her hand. It documents even more times that damage control had to be sent and people who would otherwise have told the press what a jerk she is had to be bribed.

President Trump didn’t comment on the report or the fact that his office seems to be behind the leak of a sensitive document, but his spokesman, Jeff, told reporters that while trump hates leaks, sometimes they are necessary to get the truth out past the fake news.

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