Leaked: New Common Core Guidelines Under Clinton Force Schools To Teach History Of Islam

New emails from Clinton's servers show Clinton plans to shoehorn Islam into American schools using the Common Core.

Last month, the website WikiLeaks revealed the nefarious truth about Crooked Hillary’s connections, but the media was too busy brutalizing Trump for saying one naughty word. Well, some of us dug deeper even without the blessings of our most highly esteemed media establishment, and what we found was horrific — worse than anything we could ever have imagined.

Among the multitude of emails is one that will leave you breathless. In it, Clinton chats with her staff over the possibility of not only using the Common Core to force American schools to teach the history of Islam, but also to use them as an agitprop distribution center to brainwash our children into thinking that the Muslim Brotherhood is, and I quote, “not bad people.”

“Not bad people,” she says. Oh, but if that’s got your blood boiling, you just wait until you hear what the rest of the email had to say:

One thing that sticks out in my mind is how we need to use the Common Core to get more Islam into schools; it’s going to be necessary if we plan to work with the Muslim Brotherhood to accomplish our goals of making the world more unified and global. Gehaddi, their spokesman, made the point while we were talking earlier today that if Americans are going to be more welcoming of the Muslim Brotherhood and respect them as allies, we’re going to need to get more Islamic history into the Common Core so it’s taught in schools. And the younger, the better.

Other parts of the email include Crooked Hillary noting that she planned to work more with the Muslim Brotherhood — noted terrorists — when she was president, and that they planned teach our children that Democracy originated in the Middle East instead of with the Ancient Greeks. That the media isn’t reporting on this travesty just shows how deep they are in her pockets.

The “Common Core” is already a well-known train wreck and disaster; if it’s not teaching our children to do nonsense instead of math, it’s brainwashing them into believing America is evil. And Crooked Hillary only wants to make that worse, to nobody’s surprise.

You can see the whole email in its horrific glory below:



And there are actual “Americans” who are going to vote for this woman and her globalist agenda. It’s enough to make a true patriot’s blood boil.

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