Leading Traitorous RINO Caught On Camera With Drugs And Prostitutes

Have you ever heard of Cassius Loohaken? Many people haven’t because his job is so low key it barely exists at all. Loohaken is the middle man between Wall Street, Big Oil and the campaign managers of every Republican In Name Only on Capitol Hill, Including John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham and others.

Loohaken stays under the radar because he is the RNC’s version of “beyond reproach.” He is from a decent yet meager background, is a loyal and trusted member of a distinguished university and supposedly had not a single sinful, dishonest bone in his body. All that changed when he was photographed smoking some kind of drug, which our experts tell us is most likely either crack or crystal meth, in a hotel room in Las Vegas with not one; not two but three registered call girls worth more than a thousand dollars a night each.

The RINO community is running to cover their connections to this man, but what’s about to surface is a terrible truth that he facilitates illegal transactions between foreign contacts and campaigns and is trusted with the transfer — in cash — of hundreds of millions of dollars from corporate accounts offshore belonging to supposedly legal US companies.

Loohaken also deals for the left. He’s what Washington calls a solution man. That means he probably knows more than anyone could possibly imagine. The pictures, which will certainly end him and send an unknown element of Washington DC into a tailspin, have been turned over to Special Prosecutor Trey Gowdy, who will make the sole decision on whether or not to file charges for ethics violations and fraud.

Gowdy’s office released a short statement:

“Congressman Gowdy will do everything in his power to make sure justice is done swiftly and correctly. He is also forming a special ops committee to see if Loohaken had any connections to Hillary Clinton.”

For now, only one image of much earlier in the night was released, showing Loohaken drinking with the three girls who ended up escorting him to his room later and one of their friends, who must have had other plans:

It was a very expensive evening for the old guard. It’s time now to rise up and replace them with people who will be loyal to Trump. These men have had their time. Let’s move on.

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