Lady Gaga In Trouble Again After She Goes Into An Anti-Trump Rage, Trashes Hotel Lobby

Lady Gaga, the 5 foot 2, 98-pound ball of rage who got away with throwing something at Melania Trump just before the election, might not get off so easily this time after she went into a fit of anger and trashed the lobby of the Novotel Hotel in downtown Ottowa. Gaga, who isn’t known for her restraint, was reportedly on edge and looking for a fight, exploding when another hotel guest mentioned that she must be unhappy with Donald Trump’s victory.

A sitting area in the prestigious Novotel Ottowa lobby before being trashed by Lady Gaga.

According to CTV Ottowa, Gaga was like a caged animal taking out her aggression on her captors as she flipped over tables, broke flower vases, tore pictures from the walls and dumped Diet Mountain Dew all over a concierge desk. Serg  Plimtweather, a bellboy at the esteemed hotel, said:

“It was rather odd, you know? Such a tiny little thing. She sure does pack a mean little punch, though, eh?”

Yes, that was the funniest line we could find about this entire story. Because she has already offered to pay for the damages and didn’t actually assault anyone physically, T RCMP decided not to arrest her, but she could still face charges from the Canadian government that could end with a lifetime ban from visiting the country.

Can we get her to trash a hotel here, too?

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