JUST IN: Liberal Hero Whoopi Goldberg Charged By The Secret Service

Whoopi Goldberg, liberal troublemaker and Black Lives Matter spokeswoman, has been formally charged by the US Attorney’s office after an investigation by the Secret Service found she is the ringleader of an anti-Trump group that has been conspiring to have him removed from office through not-so-legal means.

It’s tragic that here in America we have private citizens willing to fund and organize a coup against their own government. Goldberg, who has been sending communications to her lieutenants across the country, has been trying to organize a march on Washington DC of millions of people. On arrival, they would hold the city hostage until the Speaker of the House brought the President up on charges and had him impeached in an illegal public forum.

That’s not how our government works. Organizing a march is one thing, but organizing a march that would most likely lead to martial law and troops having to fire on US civilians would be tragic. Could you imagine what would have happened if something like that was threatened against Obama? He would have shut the whole country down and he’d still be dictator-in-chief.

President Trump is far too classy. He will simply have federal agents go door to door, find the usurpers and drag them in front of tribunals as enemy combatants. Problem solved. Sorry, Whoopi…another liberal plan failed. She has until 5PM to turn herself in for booking and arraignment.

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