Just Hours After Winning, President Trump Takes Aim At Those Who Lied About Him With HUGE Lawsuit

President-Elect Donald Trump wasted no time Wednesday morning removing the blemishes from his otherwise impeccable character left from the lying leftist media. Having run  the most honest campaign in presidential history, Trump now seeks to remove the lies told about HIM from the record by going after those who told them so vehemently out of jealousy for his success.

Those liars include the New York Times, Politifact, Snopes.com and a slew of liberal blogs with dumb names like “Occupy Democrats,” “Addicting Info,” and “BiPartisan Report.” A spokesman for Trump told The New York Post:

“Those blogs that ran headlines that said things like ‘Trump Furious’ over his own son tweeting ‘Happy Anniversary’ to his wife and ‘Campaign In Chaos’ because Snopes or Politifact lied about something Mr. Trump said will now face the full wrath of not only Donald Trump’s money and power but the office of the President of the United States.”

Throughout the campaign, the liberal media has told lie after lie about Donald Trump, concocting crazy stories that he had said mean and denigrating things about women, which with the exception of the isolated incident caught on tape with Billy Bush is just not true, blamed China for the climate change hoax, supported the war in Iraq and said that “all Muslims” should be banned from coming to America until we figure out what’s going on.

They have also tried to play up a false narrative that Trump thinks he knows more about military strategies than our own generals and that he somehow admires Vladimir Putin, who he says he doesn’t even know.

The lawsuit, which will be filed in the 9th District US Federal Court, seeks damages in the amount of $400 million and an apology and retraction of all election coverage from the named defendants. His spokesman said:

“When Mr. Trump becomes Mr. President the lying press will no longer be able to just print whatever they want to manipulate elections and defame our leaders. They’ll be more likely to prosper of they follow the “fair and balanced” approach of Fox News, which as you know features Megyn Kelly, who we think might have voted for Hillary Clinton.”

It’s about time somebody got the “free press” under control.

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