Joe Biden Caught On Hot Mic Making Racial Jokes–About Obama!!!

This isn’t gonna go over well with the liberals out there who believe that a white politician from Delaware who was raised in Pennsylvania can be best buds with a pothead socialist black man from Chicago who worships Allah and Louis Farrakhan. Maybe they can be workplace pals, but actual friends? There’s just no way they have that much in common.

That was apparent Sunday when Biden, who was doing soundchecks for an event in the East Room of the White House, made jokes with an aide during a break with his lapel mic still on. Two technicians in the sound booth, who agreed to speak to Reuters on condition of anonymity, said that while they weren’t recording at the time, the Vice-President’s obviously racist jokes toward the Obama family came through loud and clear:

“He was telling that young kid that the first thing Trump will have to do to the white house is have it fumigated for roaches and pay a team to remove all of the fried chicken, watermelon and orange soda from the kitchens. They laughed good and loud. Then he said something about them keeping up their high standard of living on welfare and food stamps and they laughed again.”

At that point, the second technician sent a sound check down to the stage and Biden, realizing he had made a goof, tried to cover his racism with a joke about his “pal” Barack:

“He told the kid that he and Barack love to make jokes that ‘aren’t politically correct’ about each other, but you could tell he was scrambling to cover his butt.”

Soon enough these liars and hypocrites will be gone and the White House will have a new and honest administration that will never be chained in a cage of political correctness.

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