Janet Reno’s Last Words Will Destroy Hillary Clinton

Janet Reno, who was known as a pro-abortionist, asked to speak to a priest before she died. Many would assume she would have been asking for forgiveness for advocating for the death of millions of unborn babies, or for the slaughter of God-fearing American patriots at Ruby Ridge, or for the massacre in Waco. None of which were included in her death-bed confessional.

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However, what was included is bad, bad, bad for Hillary Clinton.

A food service worker named Larry overheard Reno’s confession while delivering a ham sandwich and Jello to the woman in the next bed.

“I was delivering a sandwich and some lime gelatin to the little old lady in the next bed when I overheard Reno’s confession. She said she singlehandedly buried all evidence of the Vince Foster case.”

He continued, “She said it was her biggest regret.”

WikiLeaks released information which proves that the Clinton’s killed Vince Foster.

Reno also told the priest that as payment for her work on the Foster case in 1993 (the same year Foster “committed suicide”), she was promised she would remain as the Attorney General for the full duration of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

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She is the only Attorney General to hold the seat for two full terms.

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