It’s Going Down: Trump Discusses Plans For Hillary Clinton’s Prosecution

Remember in the debate, when Donald Trump said if he were president, Hillary Clinton would be in jail? Well, he’s about to be president, and she’s about to go to jail.

Trump told a British newspaper, The Liverpool Express, that he will soon be discussing plans for Clinton’s prosecution with his attorney general and justice department.

“Everybody knows she’s guilty as hell,” Trump said. “We’re going to prove it, then we’re going to give her a nice orange jumpsuit to wear. She likes pantsuits, so I’m sure it will fit her just fine.”

The president-elect described his plan in some detail to the paper.

“I’m thinking the trial should be on television. Prime time, so the maximum number of people will be able to watch. And the judge — we’ll get the greatest judge. Totally impartial judge. Not like that Mexican judge who is hearing the Trump University case, but a real American judge. Someone who understands the Clintons and what they have done to the country. Of course we’ll let her have a jury trial. That is, if we can find 12 people who aren’t completely out of their minds who don’t already think she’s innocent. But however it comes off, it will be totally fair. Totally fair.”

There you have it, straight from the savior of America’s mouth. Hillary is about to get what’s coming to her. And when that trial is over, maybe we can do Bill, too, so they can have conjugal visits — although they’ll both probably be more interested in the female guards than in each other.

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