Trey Gowdy Dead In His Hospital Room Of Unknown Causes

Congressman Trey Gowdy, who was kidnapped, tortured and left for dead by someone with contacts high up in government, was recovering from his injuries and a case of temporary amnesia when he went into cardiac arrest and died, according to our source inside Walter Reid:

“He just turned blue and died is what happened. If it was cardiac arrest it was instantaneos. His heart must have exploded. I’ve never seen anything like it. The FBI shut the whole wing down. They were there the whole time. They can’t say anything because they don’t kniow what the hell is going on. There is NO WAY an assassin made it to that man’s bedside.”

Unless the assassin was already on the inside. The source says they can hold Gowdy’s death from the mainstream media for a day or two because of his amnesia — since nobody is looking for a statement — but he knows of at least one other source who has leaked the story.

ORIGINAL STORY: Trey Gowdy Found Beaten, Bloody, And Unconscious

The US government, the local news and just about all of the known world are currently going about their day while a crime with incredible implications is being hidden to hide the incompetence of the FBI. Again. LLOD’s Skip Tetheluda is on scene making sure we don’t miss any of the information available. Our source is still active but didn’t make the cut for re-admittance to the floor after it was “cleared when Gowdy died,” as he put it.

Not a single witness has come forward and the hospital doesn’t look like a crime scene. We may be in the midst of the biggest coverup since Benghazi.

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