ISIS Is Terrified That Hillary Lost, Joins Liberals In Whining On Social Media

Ever since Tuesday, liberals have been whining on social media about this and that — they’ve even said they won’t support President Trump, which is just outrageous, because everyone should support the office of the president. Everyone knows conservatives always do; we did it with Reagan and we did it with Bush.

But as of Friday, these brain-dead libtards aren’t alone in their whining on social media — their Jihadi buddies at ISIS joined in, and despite Crooked Hillary claiming over the course of the election that ISIS was using President Trump as “recruitment material,” seemed pretty frightened on Twitter.

Of course, this won’t surprise right-thinking Americans, who know that President Trump will bring the pain to that region of the world and, like a stern father to a bunch of unruly children, put them in their place. After having had their way with Odumbo for so long, this is a welcome change in attitude:

ISIS tweets

I screenshot them just in case the account got shut down; consider it a screenshot for posterity.

Now, I actually know a bit of Arabic. It’s useful to know what the enemy is thinking, and I have friends in the military who were translators serving in Afghanistan. So here’s the translation.

The first tweet, they’re mourning over Hillary’s loss. “Allah have mercy on us,” they begin, “The American people have voted against their own best interests and selected a candidate who will lead them into war, and shut them off from the international community.”

In the second tweet, ISIS continues, declaring: “Trump’s plan to close the Mexican border will only harm the United States,” by which we all know that they mean they’ve been smuggling Jihadists into the country, so of course they’d lament that. “Closing the border will only further serve to stymie the progress of our Great Jihad,” which is said like it’s a bad thing.

In the third tweet, ISIS is estimating how many years it’ll take for them to recover from a Trump presidency, which they figure is about 30. They end it with #AllahSaveUsFromTrump and #GreatJihad. Of course, we all know that they’re not really going to recover, since President Trump is probably going to order surgical nuclear strikes, glassing that entire part of the world. It’ll take a lot longer than 30 years to recover from that.

This is a very different tone from how strident they were when Obamanation and his Secretary of State, Crooked Hillary were running things. They were so confident before, a lot like their liberal buddies — what happened, boys? Do you see the writing on the wall now, and you’ve realized America isn’t going to screw around with you anymore?

On Tuesday, America made what’s perhaps the best decision we ever made. The majority of us decided to vote for President Trump and now we have a Republican-controlled government. This is a mandate, and part of that mandate is the utter destruction of ISIS . . . and they know it, too.

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