Hurricane Victims Storm And Occupy Texas Mosque Who Refused To Help Christians


A group of Muslims learned what happens when you don’y act neighborly in Texas.¬†Aswat Turads, imam of the Ramashan Mosque outside Houston, turned away hundreds of Texans whose homes have flooded on the basis that “Allah forbids us helping infidels.”

The mosque can easily hold 500 people and until Thursday night was housing 37 Muslims, but now it is completely packed with people. Did Turads have a change of heart? Did Allah himself appear and tell him to let people in? Not exactly, but someone put the fear of God in them!

The people of Texas do not take oppression lying down, so a group of flood refugees banded together and kicked in the door to the mosque, allowing the 112 people demonstrating against the Muslims’ hate outside to rush in to find shelter.

Muslims come to this country claiming they want to be part of America, but the Ramashan Mosque’s Turads is an example of why we can not expect them to properly assimilate into our society.

“If you wish to use force, you may stay because we do not want to fight,” Turads reportedly told the protesters. “But you have doomed us all. Any who help infidels will be punished by Allah.”

After the Mosque was “occupied,” Turads and his fellow religious zealots backed down and retreated to one side of the Mosque to pray.

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