Bill Clinton’s Uber Driver Caught A Woman Doing Something HORRIFYING


When Bill Clinton left the Sleek Lounge in SoHo with what appears to be his latest mistress and got into an Uber, it seemed as though we would never learn where they went. But the Uber driver reached out to us and provided us with an EXCLUSIVE photo he took through their open motel room window.

It’s unsettling to look at, but James Salinger says he drove someone else to their destination then circled back after deciding he should have snapped a photo. What he caught on camera can be best described as “unsettling.”

Salinger says he sneaked up to their first-floor room at the Super 8 on Montmouth Road to snap this photo before running back to his car and leaving.

“I don’t know what was going on there, but the woman – she told me her name is ‘Cassie’ but I don’t know if that’s her real name – was caressing a naked Bill Clinton while he fiddled with the remote for the TV,” Salinger says. “I’m not sure I want to know more than that.”

Over the years, Clinton seems to have had a new mistress or rape accuser every other week.

It’s unclear how Hillary Clinton is handling this new development or if she even cares, but the rest of us are sick of Slick Willie “romancing” every woman he comes into contact with.

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